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Works from the Estate of Vasyl Hryhorovych Krychevsky
April 13 - June 3, 2007

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New York, March 26, 2007 — In collaboration with the Zorya Fine Art gallery of Greenwich, Connecticut, the Museum is pleased to present this exhibition of works by the renowned Ukrainian artist, architect, scholar, and designer Vasyl Hryhorovych Krychevsky.

According to its catalogue, the exhibition provides "a rare look at the work of an artist who played a key role in establishing modern Ukrainian art in the early 20th century." Among Krychevsky's most important achievements is his creation of a modern architectural style that blended Ukrainian folk art elements with the style of Art Nouveau. He was also one of the leading figures in modern graphic design and was influential in the early years of the burgeoning Ukrainian film industry, working with one of the giants of the cinema, Oleksander Dovzhenko.

Perhaps most importantly, Krychevsky was the visionary behind, and the principal organizer and first president of, the Ukrainian Academy of Art in Kyiv (established in 1917 and later known as the Kyiv Art Institute). The Academy's faculty included such greats in the world of modernism as Oleksander Bohomazov, Mykhailo Boichuk, Abram Manevych, Oleksander Murashko, Hryhorii Narbut, Vadym Meller, and Kazimir Malevich – many of them represented in the Museum's recent, highly praised exhibition, Crossroads: Modernism in Ukraine, 1910-1930. Indeed, this exhibition from Krychevsky's estate provides a unique opportunity to view the artist's work within the context of one of the most prolific and innovative periods of Ukrainian art – a period in which Krychevsky played a vital role.

Works from the Estate of Vasyl Hryhorovych Krychevsky is accompanied by a 112-page, bilingual catalogue with a foreword by Valentyna Ruban-Kravchenko, Doctor of Art History and Corresponding Member of the Academy of Fine Arts of Ukraine.



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