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The Cossacks: Their Art and Style
April 20 through October 12, 2008

To coincide with The Mapping of Ukraine: European Cartography and Maps of Early Modern Ukraine, 1550-1799, the Museum is presenting an exhibition of some of the major cultural achievements of the Cossack era. The Cossacks: Their Art and Style uses a variety of photographs, portraits, artifacts, and publications to focus on what has become known as the Cossack Baroque: a period of intense political, intellectual, and cultural growth manifested by societal stability, the expansion of educational institutions, architectural innovation, and a burgeoning of the arts.

Image: Portrait of Hetman Rozumovsky; hilt of a Turkish sword used by Cossacks; earring worn by women during Cossack era; illustration from Rigelman's history of the Zaporizhian Cossacks



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