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Pysanka: Guardian of life
The display includes more than 400 pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs) from the Museum's permanent collection, with examples of various motifs, such as animal symbols and floral designs, and some regional styles. Visitors have the opportunity to watch the award-winning documentary film Pysanka (15 min., English) by Slavko Nowytski, which describes the process of creating traditional Ukrainian Easter eggs.

The War of the Mushrooms
The War of the Mushrooms is a series of nine original illustrations by Ukrainian artist Nikita Kravtsov. Drawing inspiration from the eponymous folk tale, a popular classic in Slavic cultures and the subject of a 1909 publication of the tale featuring illustrations by the prominent Ukrainian graphic artist, Heorhii Narbut, Kravtsov's contemporary interpretation reimagines the tale with his paintings of scenes from Russia's current war on Ukraine.

The Ceramic World of Slava Gerulak
Most of the works in this exhibition are on loan from private collections, and most are made of clay, Gerulaks preferred medium. A given work can be about functional design or about purely creative art, and occasionally about both. Befitting her roots, Gerulak imaginatively continues to use beguiling imagery in her ceramic work, reflecting the same fascination with her heritage and the richness with which it can be translated into clay. She adapts iconic likenesses of mermaids, nymphs, protectresses, mother and child, villagers in folk costumes, and head adornment with floral wreaths to the style of her own figural ceramics so successfully that they manifest the unmitigated embodiment of womanhood. Gerulak draws upon lush imagery and abundant Ukrainian customs, but creatively renews and revises these traditions as well.

Finding Sanctuary During the Pandemic. An Installation by Christina Saj
An artist's personal journey as she embarked on a body of work that would redefine her studio practice amid the COVID-19 pandemic. With over 130 pieces created over the course of the last 18 months, the exhibition is shaped from an abandoned record collection the artist found just before the lockdown.

In Bloom: Nature and Art
Immerse yourself in a veritable garden of floral-themed selections of paintings and other fine art displayed together with similarly inspired folk art items such as embroidered garments, kilims, ceramics, and pysanky (decorated eggs) from the Museum's permanent collections.

The Impact of Modernity: Late 19th and Early 20th Century Ukrainian Art. Major Gift from Dr. Jurij Rybak and Anna Ortynskyj
This exhibition brings together major names and periods in Ukrainian art history. Curated by Myroslav Shkandrij, Professor of Slavic Studies at the University of Manitoba, the exhibition brings together previously unseen works by artists of different backgrounds who all originally came from Ukraine. It offers viewers the opportunity to see some of the greatest artists of the last two centuries and simultaneously to explore the unique homeland-diaspora relationship that their creativity represents.





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