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In Metal, On Paper: Coins, Banknotes, and Postage Stamps of Independent Ukraine, 1991-2016
September 11 – November 27, 2016
Coins, stamps, and other collectibles from Ukraine will be displayed in specially designed cases with dramatic lighting. Interactive features in the exhibition will offer additional information, along with a bi-lingual catalogue and brochure.

Money, Sovereignty and Power: The Paper Currency of Revolutionary Ukraine, 1917-1920
September 11 – November 27, 2016
The symbols found in the paper currency of independent Ukraine in the early 20th century consciously connected with Ukraine's historical past to invoke precedence and to encourage a narrative of political continuity. Collectors, historians, art lovers, and children will enjoy this exhibition of vintage paper currency. It is accompanied by a bi-lingual catalogue and brochure.

Orest Skop: Cossack Mamai
June 12 – September 25, 2016 EXTENDED!
The mythological figure of Cossack Mamai has a very special place in the pantheon of Ukrainian folkloric and mythological images. 'Sacred warrior, warrior ancestor, hero warrior, warrior-musician and warrior-philosopher' – all these uniquely Ukrainian images have become somewhat of a calling card for Ukrainian folk art. Deeply rooted in prehistoric traditions and mythology, today Ukrainian folk artists view this character as a reflection of the most typical traits and mentality of the Ukrainian Cossack – a combination of strong warrior-defender and lyrical kobza-playing bard-musician (kobzar) with a relaxed attitude towards life. Orest Skop dedicates his collection of Cossack Mamai paintings to those who were exterminated in 1934 on an order given by Joesph Stalin – 337 kobzars, most of them blind, together with the children who acted as their seeing-eye guides, perished in the bloodbath.

PYSANKA: The Ukrainian Easter Egg
More than 400 beautifully decorated pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs) from the Museum's permanent collection. The exhibition is complemented by a series of glass paintings with Easter and spring themes by Jaroslava Surmach Mills.

40 Years of Exhibition Posters at The Ukrainian Museum (1976–2016)
Selected posters from the Museum's many exhibitions since its establishment 40 years ago, in conjunction with the Museum's year-long anniversary celebration.

Life in Wood
Selections of everyday and decorative objects made of wood from the Museum's permanent collection.


Carpathian Echoes: Textile Materials and Technology in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania and Ukraine
October 9, 2016 through March 12, 2017
Traditional textiles from Romania and Ukraine, a cross-cultural dialogue. The exhibition is accompanied by a bi-lingual catalogue and brochure.

Traditional headdresses from the Borshchiv region of Ukraine

December 2016
Contemporary works by seven young artists





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