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The Ukrainian Museum Gift Shop

The Gift Shop is open during Museum public hours: Wednesday through Sunday, 11:30am-5pm.
The Ukrainian Museum accepts credit card payments.  

To order, please print the ORDER FORM - instructions included. 
The Ukrainian Museum accepts credit card payments.  
Gifts and Such

Embroidered shirts for boys 
Historic Polubotok embroidery design, in cross stitch edged with merezhka (drawn thread) work.
PRICE: $60.00 + s/h (US only); add tax where applicable.

Embroidered blouses for girls 
Embroidery design from the Poltava region (red or blue embroidery thread). 
PRICE: $50.00 + s/h (US only); add tax where applicable.

hutsul dolls Ukrainian Hutsul Dolls 
Dolls in traditional handmade Ukrainian Hutsul costumes make a unique and lovely gift for anyone who treasures the Ukrainian folk costume. The dolls are 7 1/2" tall and their costumes are made by Museum volunteers. 
PRICE: $25.00 ea. + s/h (US only); add tax where applicable.

hutsul teddybears Hutsul Teddy Bears 
Large teddy bear dressed in Ukrainian Hutsul vest and cap.
PRICES: $20.00 + s/h;(US only), add tax where applicable.
Genuine huggable GUND© teddy bears are dressed in spiffy Ukrainian Hutsul vests and caps.
PRICES: S-$35.00 + s/h; M-$70.00 + s/h; L-$70.00 + s/h; (US only), add tax where applicable.

Pavuky Christmas Tree Ornaments 
Hand-crafted decoration made with a gold-colored walnut shell, and adorned with gold and other colorful findings in the shape of a spider -- a traditional Ukrainian tree ornament. 
PRICE: $4.50 ea. + s/h $2.00ea.; (US only), add tax where applicable.

Christmas cards 
St. Michael Church 

Christmas cards 
Hnizdovsky Print 

Christmas cards 
Stained Glass Window 

Christmas Cards 
Beautiful Christmas cards with artwork by such artists as Yaroslawa Surmach-Mills, Petro Kholodny Jr., Jacques Hnizdovsky, Halyna Lypa Zakhariasevych, Myron Levicky and Halyna Mazepa are available for $1.00 each. 

PRICE: $1.00 ea. + s/h 2.00 every 5 cards; (US only) add tax where applicable. 

The Ukrainian museum offers a wide variety of fine art for sale, prices starting at around $50 and up. Please stop in to the Museum Shop to browse through our collection.

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The Museum Gift Shop offers a wide variety of merchandise for sale and stocks only merchandise of fine quality workmanship produced in the United States and Canada, or imported from Ukraine. On sale are art books, instruction books (e.g., how to make pysanky or how to embroider), children's storybooks and videos. The Museum Shop also sells exhibition works of art (paintings, sculptures, works in glass, etchings) by well known contemporary artists from the United States and Ukraine, as well as various art objects on consignment. There are also reproductions of objects from the Museum's collections.  

Here you will find a variety of interesting items for gift giving, such as ceramic pottery, wood-carved objects, pysanky (with the individual implements and complete kits for making them), jewelry and a large collection of embroidered decorative textiles, among them women's and men's shirts.  

In addition to the many books on the subject of art and history, The GIFT SHOP stocks a wonderful collection of charming books for children published in Ukraine. These are beautifully and colorfully illustrated publications and will delight and please any youngster. The books range in price from $3.00 to $32.00. 

To order, please print the ORDER FORM - instructions included. 

NYS Sales Tax applies to all purchases in the Gift Shop.  
Museum members receive 10% discount on all purchases.  

Questions? email us at      shop@ukrainianmuseum.org
Place your order by telephone:        212-228-0110 (or)
Fax your order with credit card info: 212-228-1947 (or)
Mail the form with your check payable to:
222 East Sixth Street
New York, NY 10003
If you wish to receive the Gift Shop Sales Catalogue, please request it through our e-mail: shop@ukrainianmuseum.org 
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