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Scratches on a Prison Wall

Written by Luba Komar (Prokop)
Translated and edited by Christine Prokop

Language: English
239 pages
iUniverse, Inc., New York, Bloomington, 2009
5 1/2"W x 8 1/2"H
ISBN 978-1-44-1-5848-3
Member Price: $17.95

“In this gripping memoir of a young Ukrainian woman's encounter with Communism and Nazism, Luba Komar-Prokop experiences imprisonment, torture, death row, violence, escape, resistance, and, finally, flight to the West … Luba retains her dignity and manifests a quiet heroism.”
— Alexander J. Motyl, Rutgers University – Newark

Ukraine is suffering under Soviet domination in 1940 as World War II begins. Luba Komar, a politically active student at a Ukrainian university, finds herself whisked away in the middle of the night by the Soviet Secret Police. She is tortured, imprisoned, and then sentenced to death in a secret soviet trial.

Fortunately, her death sentence is commuted to exile. With other prisoners, she is loaded onto a train headed to the dreaded Siberian concentration camps. However, Luba never reaches the intended destination. As Nazi bombers approach overhead, the Soviets divert the train to another prison. Risking their lives, the inmates courageously stage a prison break and escape.

Luba is witness to the dramatic events that shaped Ukrainian and Soviet history, both during and after WWII. In recording her ordeal, she brings to life the stories of her fellow prisoners, and recounts her eventual escape to the West. Scratches on a Prison Wall is a powerful testament to its author and the times in which she lived.

Christine Prokop, Luba Komar Prokop's daughter, compiled and translated her mother's memoirs, a portion of which were published in Ukrainian under the title Protses 59-ty (The Secret Trial of the 59).

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