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Hutsul Embroidery /

Languages: English, Ukrainian
Fully illustrated
197 pages
Rodovid Press, Kyiv, Ukraine, 2010
, , 2010
10"W x 12"H
ISBN 978-966-7845-54-4

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Hutsul Embroidery is the first publication of its kind to present the panorama of the most typical examples of Hutsul embroidery as embodied in the collection of the Y. Kobrynsky Museum of the Folk Art of the Hutsul and Pokuttia Regions (Kolomyia, Ukraine). The reader is presented with unique creations that mesmerize one with the beauty of their composition and ornamental motifs, as well as with the clarity of the artistic and aesthetic characteristics of these works. The motifs are ancient symbols that have survived to the present day in various interpretations.

Ellen and Jean-Paul Veziant

Dmytro Pozhodzhuk
Hutsulshchyna: An Ethno-Historical Overview

Yaroslava Tkachuk
The Embroidery Collection of the Y. Kobrynskyi National Museum of Folk Art

Olena Nykorak
Hutsul Embroidery. A Historiography

Raisa Zakharchuk-Chuhai
Artistic Expression as Evidenced in the Embroidery of Hutsul Clothing: Regional and Local Variations

Kateryna Susak
Artistic Peculiarities of Hutsul Embroidery: Techniques Utilized

Olena Nykorak
The Ceremonial/Ritual Function of Hutsul Embroidery

Raisa Zakharchuk-Chuhai

Hutsul Embroidery is made possible through the initiative of the French Ambassador, Jean-Paul Veziant, and his wife, Ellen, in cooperation with Ukrainian scholars and museum professionals: Olena Nykorak (Editor), Danylo Dmytrykiw (English translation), Lubow Wolynetz (English language Editor), Yuri Bilak (photographs, Paris). Design by Iryna Pasichnyk (Rodovid).


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