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Full Circle: Ukraine's Struggle for Independence 100 Years Ago, 1917–1921

Full Circle: Ukraine's Struggle for Independence 100 Years Ago, 1917–1921
Exhibition catalogue
9.25" x 11.75"
Bilingual (English and Ukrainian)
312 pages
The Ukrainian Museum, New York (September, 2019)
ISBN 978 0 9908522 8 5
LCCN 2019420529

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"Full Circle: Ukraine’s Struggle for Independence 100 Years Ago, 1917–1921" (2019) is published in conjunction with the exhibition by the same name. The catalogue for "Full Circle," one of the most important exhibitions ever mounted at The Ukrainian Museum in New York, is an essential resource for anyone who has toured the show, and even more indispensable for those who haven't. The guest curator of the exhibition, Yurii Savchuk, Senior Researcher, Institute of History, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine in Kyiv, expertly weaves the story of Ukraine's fight for existence more than a century ago into a compelling narrative in the catalogue, the perfect complement to the fascinating objects on display in the Museum's galleries.

External forces during the political upheavals of the early 20th century undermined Ukraine's place in the world, as historical records attest. This exhibition and its accompanying catalogue provide irrefutable evidence of Ukraine's bids for statehood while fighting against insurmountable odds.

Mr. Savchuk, who spent three years patiently burrowing into the collections and archives of institutions in several countries, ultimately brought together an impressive array of authentic letters, diplomatic correspondence, war memorabilia, propaganda posters, flags, uniform insignias, currency designs, banking documents, drawings of national emblems and uniforms, and countless photographs –- all of which attest to Ukraine's nascent state-building efforts that matured within a very short period of time. In the catalogue, the curator skillfully outlines the development of the Ukrainian idea during those critical years, thus enhancing conventional scholarship on the topic and providing tangible evidence in support of his research.

Among other things, the exhibition showcased rare objects from key historical events such as the original ratification document of the peace treaty signed in Brest-Litovsk on February 9, 1918 between the Ukrainian National Republic and the Central Powers (Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria, Germany, and Turkey); memorabilia of historical figures such as Symon Petliura and Volodymyr Vynnychenko; a silver funeral wreath honoring the Sich Riflemen (Sichovi Striltsi) who lost their lives in the 1918 uprising against the Hetmanate; the pen used by President Woodrow Wilson to sign the Ukrainian Day Proclamation in April 1917; state papers documenting Ukraine's bid to join the League of Nations; the state seal of the Ukrainian Central Rada (parliament) and the Great Seal of the Ukrainian National Republic; and printing stones for the production of 1,000 karbovanets banknotes in 1918.

Relying on a number of contributors (thirty-four, to be exact) for catalogue texts, Mr. Savchuk pooled together the knowledge of qualified specialists such as historians, curators, librarians, archivists, and researchers. Thirty-seven institutions from five countries – Bulgaria, Poland, Switzerland, Ukraine, and the United States – cooperated in lending objects to the exhibition (n.b.: an abbreviated version of Full Circle exhibited in Kyiv in 2018 included items from Poland that were not part of the New York show).

An impressive 312 page softcover book, the bilingual catalogue is eminently affordable at just $39.00 and boasts an essay by Yurii Savchuk, several forewords, and color illustrations with captions and detailed contextual information of all objects exhibited both in Kyiv and in New York, as well as many historical photographs. The exhibition and catalogue design are by Volodymyr Taran.

Published by The Ukrainian Museum, the exhibition and the accompanying catalogue for Full Circle: Ukraine’s Struggle for Independence 100 Years Ago, 1917–1921 is supported in part by the Embassy of Ukraine in the U.S., the Fulbright Program in Ukraine (administered by the Institute of International Education), the Self Reliance New York Federal Credit Union, as well as the many sponsors of the exhibition.

If you missed the show, the catalogue offers readers the opportunity to capture the essence of the exhibition and at the same time immerse themselves in the historical account bolstered by the display objects in illustrations.

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