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The Tree of Life, the Sun, the Goddess. Symbolic Motifs in Ukrainian Folk Art
Дерево життя, сонце, богиня

Essays by: Lubow K. Wolynetz, Ludmyla Bulhakova-Sytnyk, Natalie Kononenko
Bilingual. Published 2005.
168 pages
176 color; 21 b/w illustrations

$28 soft cover + s/h

The Tree of Life, the sun, and the goddess are the three most prevalent motifs in Ukrainian folk art and can be found on embroidered and woven textiles, ceramics, woodwork, metalwork, pysanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs), and holiday and ritual breads. The essays in the catalogue explain the symbolism associated with these motifs and describe the traditions, customs, and rituals in which they were and are still prominent.

Alexander Archipenko: Vision and Continuity
Олександер Архипенко: Візія і тяглість

Text: Prof. Jaroslaw Leshko
Bilingual. Published 2005
256 pages
67 color; 26 b/w illustrations

$45 - soft cover + s/h
$60 - hard cover + s/h

The catalogue contains a comprehensive analytical essay of the life and work of Alexander Archipenko, Ukrainian-born sculptor, innovator, and one of the 20th century's most influential artists. Archipenko is best known for his introduction and exploration of the concave/convex forms. Included are 67 brilliant illustrations showing the artist's work from 1908 to 1963. This catalogue accompanied the exhibition, which inaugurated the new building of the Ukrainian Museum.

The Preservation of a Heritage: The Village of Uhryniv of the Sokal Region

Authors: Iryna Kashubynsky, Tania Osadca, Lubow Wolynetz
64 pages
52 b/w, 14 color photos

$15 - soft cover + s/h

Traditional Designs in Ukrainian Textiles

Text: Oksana I. Grabowicz
36 pages
36 b/w illustrations

$3 - soft cover + s/h

The catalog focuses on woven and embroidered textiles, as well as costumes from the second half of the 19th to the first forty years of the 20th century, with examples mainly from western and central Ukraine. A comparative approach has been taken to show the intercultural similarities as well as the uniqueness in Ukrainian folk design, embroidery and weaving techniques.

Ukrainian Ritual Cloths

Text: Oksana I. Grabowicz and Lubow Wolynetz
English or Ukrainian
10 color, 19 b/w illustrations

$4.50 - soft cover + s/h

Rushnyky, Ukrainian ritual cloths, are the subject discussed in this exhibition catalogue. They have played a very important role in the tradition of the Ukrainian folk culture. Although today the significance of these elaborately embroidered and woven cloths has been forgotten to a great degree, they are nevertheless cherished for their aesthetic beauty. The rushnyky presented in the catalogue date from the 18th century to the present and display characteristic regional diversity of patterns, color schemes, as well as embroidery and weaving techniques.

The Lost Architecture of Kiev

Published 1982
Text: Titus D. Hewryk
English or Ukrainian
64 pages
67 b/w, 19 color illustrations

$12.50 - soft cover + s/h

This catalogue accompanied a photographic architectural exhibition bringing to the public's view the lost architecture of Kiev, one of the oldest cities in Eastern Europe. The emphasis is on the Byzantine and Baroque churches and monuments of this ancient city, that were destroyed by the Soviet regime during the 1930s.

Ukrainian Folk Art

Published 1990
Text: Lubow Wolynetz
48 pages
21 b/w , 4 color illustrations

$12.50 - soft cover + s/h

This catalogue discusses the Museum's new acquisitions in the Folk Art Collection, highlighting the folk costume, the embroidered shirt, ceramics, woodcarving and metal work.

The World of William Kurelek

Published 1987
Text: Joan Murray, Prof. George Y. Shevelov
84 pages
6 color, 32 b/w illustrations

$9.50 - soft cover + s/h

The catalogue explores the life and art of William Kurelek, a Canadian artist of Ukrainian descent, who has gained recognition in Canada. Kurelek was a prolific painter and his creative expressions range from anecdotal, humorous scenes from his prairie boyhood to fiercely realistic, often surrealistic depictions of sin and corruption, reflecting his view of the world.

Masterpieces in Wood. Houses of Worship in Ukraine

Published 1987
Text: Titus D. Hewryk
English and Ukrainian
112 pages
193 b/w illustrations

$20.00 - soft cover + s/h

The catalogue explores the unique timber construction of Ukrainian houses of worship in towns and villages. This building tradition evolved from the indigenous log construction heritage of eastern and central Europe, which allowed the development of churches with single or multiple cupolas and synagogues with tall pitched roofs, achievements that rank among the most sculptural and interesting art forms.

Treasures of Early Ukrainian Art

Published 1989
Text: Stefania Hnatenko
44 pages
6 color, 31 b/w illustrations

$12.50 - soft cover + s/h

Religious Art of the 16th-18th Centuries. This exhibition catalogue examines icons from three iconostases in churches in Ukraine, created at the end of the 16th and the first half of the 17th centuries. Two of the iconostases have survived to our time in their original form. The exhibition also included manuscripts (among them a fragment of the Gospels from the period of theGalician-Volhynian Principality - end of the 12th century), and early printed liturgical books (16th and 17th century). Early printed books are discussed in a comprehensive essay in the catalogue.

Mykhailo Chereshnovsky. Retrospective Exhibition

Published 1991
Text: Bohdan Pevny
88 pages
74 b/w illustrations

$15.00 - soft cover + s/h

The exhibition catalogue documents the creative work of Ukrainian sculptor Mykhailo Chereshnovsky, spanning a period of almost five decades. Chereshnovsky, who died in 1994, left a rich artistic legacy of his work exemplified in clay and bronze portraits, in six monuments now standing in various parks and outdoor settings in the United States and Canada, and in the magnificent woodcarving of the iconostases in the Church of St. John the Baptist in Hunter, NY.

Borshchiv Its Folk Art, Customs, and Traditions

Published 1994
Text: Lubow Wolynetz
64 pages
11 color, 36 b/w illustrations

$15.00 - soft cover + s/h

The exhibition catalogue examines the wealth, variety and uniqueness of the folk art, and life and manners of the people of the Borshchiv district (part of the Ternopil' region in Podillia), of Ukraine. They have managed to preserve much of their traditional culture, especially folk customs, rituals and costumes well into the 20th century, the characteristics of which are extensively detailed in the catalogue.

The Changeless Carpathians. Living Traditions of the Hutsul People

Published 1995
Text: Helene Cincebeaux, Mary B. Kelly, Tatiana Kara-Vasylieva, Lubow Wolynetz
38 pages
7 color, 34 b/w illustrations

$12.50 - soft cover + s/h

The Hutsul region in the Carpathian Mountains is considered to be one of the most fascinating areas in Ukraine. The exhibition catalogue examines the Hutsul lifestyle, the traditions and the highly distinctive and diverse folk art of the region. Through eyewitness accounts it also discusses the preservation and perpetuation of this unique folk heritage by contemporary Hutsuls.

Jacques Hnizdovsky 1915-1985. Retrospective Exhibition

Published 1995
Text: Dr. Jaroslaw Leshko
84 pages
20 color, 47 b/w illustrations

$20.00 - soft cover + s/h

The exhibition catalogue celebrates the prolific, multifaceted, creative life of this distinguished Ukrainian artist. Known worldwide as a master of woodcuts, Hnizdovsky was also a serious painter and in this medium he faced his greatest artistic challenges. In all his work Hnizdovsky combined formidable technical skills with an uncommon inventiveness of the image, thereby creating his own vision while retaining his own unique identity.

To Preserve a Heritage: The Story of the Ukrainian Immigration in the United States

Published 1984
Text: Myron B. Kuropas
English or Ukrainian
99 pages
270 b/w illustration

$12.50 - soft cover + s/h

The exhibition catalogue documents the history, heritage and the life of the Ukrainian community in the United States, beginning with the early Ukrainian immigrants - those who settled in America between the 1870s and 1914 and again in the years between the First and Second World Wars.

Exhibition of Works of Halyna Mazepa From the collection of Ilarion and Svitlana Cholhan

Published 2000
Text: Bohdan Pevny
English or Ukrainian
16 pages
9 col & 3 b/w illustration

$4.00 - soft cover + s/h

The catalogue celebrates the work of one of the most beloved Ukrainian artists of the 20th century. Halyna Mazepa drew primarily from the Ukrainian folk culture for the content of her paintings. Her work is recognized for its originality in creative approach, its vibrant coloration and the uniqueness of her style.


Three Generations of Cholodny Artists Petro Cholodny the Elder, Petro Cholodny the Younger, and Andrew Charyna

Published 2001
Text: Daria Darewych, PhD.
English or Ukrainian
32 pages
30 col & 8 b/w illustration

$6.00 - soft cover + s/h

The catalogue describes the work and accomplishments of three Ukrainian artists from one family. The work of two, P. Cholodny the Elder and P. Cholodny the Younger have made important contributions to the Ukrainian art world of the 20th century, particularly in the field of iconography. Andrew Charyna, who follows in their footsteps, is working at the present time and his paintings have achieved great acclaim.


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